Life is one hell of an opportunity, my dear friends.

It has some weird rules I myself can not quite understand. One time I'm life's favorite and the other, I'm below everyone else.
I remember watching my cousin draw a beautiful landscape, stared at how smooth the lines and twirls of the pencil were and how all the effort resulted in an amazing painting. One day I tried to do the same but my efforts were meaningless. I felt useless.
I saw or better listened how nice the voice of my best friend was when she sung at competitions, how many friends my brother made in two days. Comparing myself to them hurt. I was proud but it hurt though, one thing that I started to notice about myself was the fact that I never gave up. Never succeed in anything in general but I never escaped the idea of giving it try. You know, these words never left my mind:

"Anything is better than to be alone. And in the end I guess I have to fall, always find my place among the ashes"
— Amy Lee, Evanescence

Isn't it weird how people who have it difficult to find out who they are or how to be themselves around others always have to surrender first?


What's stopping me, you, anyone who has the soul to be awesome, to show ourselves to the world? We are not afraid of accepting our mistakes, maybe criticism is something hard to swallow but now or never, right?

I myself am so honored to be inspired by Evanescence, Tim Burton and last but not least, my own damn self, my own creations:

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"I'll fall and fall and fall, get stuck in the past, ignored by the people but for God's sake if I don't become who I deserve to be, I'll burn this world down" Queen0fMistakes