Bonjour frens !

I'm back with this second painting for you !
I didn't expect so much success mith my first article, and I want to thank you all for the hearts !

So, let's begin !
I was in Switzerland last year for an internship, precisely in Geneva if some of you know this beautiful city.
During a rainy day (sorry about that cliché) I went to the Museum of Art and History (aka MAH) of the city. Their collection is composed with objects from the Antiquity to contemporary works.
At some point I entered a room about the Impressionnists (always them!), which was full of colors and poetry. Then I found myself in a room with blue paintings on every wall !
I remembered feeling a kind of relief or appeasement. It was a strong thought and I left the museum with it in my entire body.

The pieces were all painted by a swiss artist, Ferdinand Hodler. They were representations of local lakes, like the Léman, the huge swiss well-known lake. I don't recall all the paintings, but I put one from the collection of the MAH to illustrate and show you the beauty of these works.
Or maybe I should say the fineness of these ! As the title says, the symmetry of the views, the lake is like a mirror. The mountains and the clouds are reflecting in the water and it creates a new landscape.
The blue is known as a calming color for the eye, some kind of anti-anxiety.
Surrounded by all this purity, I just breathed. But that was a heavy and fundamental breath. I filled my lungs with beauty and serenity.

This is how I escape in a city. If you live nearby a museum, I can only recommend you to visit it and find your own ideal of peacefulness. Don't be afraid of doing this !

Thank you for the support, hope you'll like this one ! Next time I'll find something more contemporary and odd as I like it !

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life" Oscar Wilde

Ferdinand HODLER (1853 - 1918)
Le lac de Thoune aux reflets symétriques
Oil on canvas
80,2 x 100 cm