i don't know if you're there wondering about me , thinking about me ,, or at least you ever did ..

autumn, black, and break up image

i just want you to know that i sincerely understood every word you never meant , every look you never glanced , every thought you never shared , every moment you never lived , every flower you never smelled , every movie you've never watched , every book you've never read ,

aesthetics, crush, and feelings image aesthetic, crush, and feelings image feelings, grunge, and hearts image black, feelings, and grunge image

i just want you to know that i am there ,i have always been there ,, and i always will be ..

if you're reading this i want you to know that i am burning and shining .. better than i ever did before ..
and i hope you'll see me in their eyes !

almost, beautiful, and burn image

i am sorry that you met me at my worst ..
i feel sorry for you ,, but mostly for me ..
who knows we might see each other again ... but i want you to know that i cannot wait till that day .. the day you'll see the strong powerful graceful shining person of me , the one you can't but to be around , the one you've always missed , the one who'll bring sparks to your eyes ..

and in that day i want to show you this article and tell you " if you're reading this ; i've made it "