I'm going to complain about my inexistant love life in this article. Some things I will say probably won't make sense so if your looking for advice on finding love, I'm sorry but I'm not an expert. And I'm going to say some personal things and I don't do it for attention of anything. I just want to confide without people judging me. Thanks per advance for reading this xx.

Down from my 17 years old, I'm still dreaming about a fanfiction like relationship, which is impossible. I'm still a virgin, and even if I don't have a problem with that, I'm scared of dying alone. Most of my friends never experienced physical love either but they are desired by men.
I really feel like I'm not attractive to men, I know I'm far for being gorgeous but I personally think that I'm not ugly either. The only person who flirted with me was a 30 years old guy and he did it in front of my mother! This thing was really awkward but anyway. I'm in serious need of cuddles but no one is willing to give me some. And as I'm pretending to not want or need a significant other when my family, in which everyone is in a relationship, ask me why I don't have anyone.
But in this feeling of rejection and loneliness, I find the inspiration to write. As we say in my country " C'est un mal pour un bien".