Look at the cover. Can you remember it for yourself?

Sometimes all the days feel the same. So that's why I've made a challenge for myself which I named For the first time in forever like the Frozen song which is actually really inspiring so that makes it even better.

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That's it: in the end of every day you write down a thing or more, the number a matter of choice, something you've done for the first time in your life. It shouldn't be necessarily something big like the first kiss or going to Disney land, no. It is most of the times a small thing - the new flavour of ice cream you enjoyed or finding a new route from school to home.

The important part is to make a difference daily! Every new day gives you opportunities. So break your routine and do something you've always wanted so you can add it to your list :)

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See? If you've got nothing else you can mark this :)

I'll fill you in a little bit more. The best I could do is to give you a model of my yesterday and today list.

Some days are filled by various activities and it is easy to note about 3-4-5 new points. Yesterday I:

  • Cut my hair really short voluntarily - the main bullet on my list.
  • I walked about 17 kilometers (about 10 miles idk I'm not into miles) which is a big achievement also.
  • I tried a fig smoothie it was really yummy 😋 and a fresh watermelon juice 🍉
  • I bought argan oil (it is good for my hair)

Another days are pretty monotonous. Today I:

  • Stayed up to almost 5 am on not a New Year's Eve (yes it is a new record for me)
  • Uploaded on Instagram a pic without me on it (I have only 3 pics there so it's not a big deal)
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that's the pic on Instagram. if somebody cares my account is a_antova

The details matter. Even if it's just really small thing write it down. This way the days don't look the same but there's something special in every single one of them, something new, something inspiring.

Personally this list motivates me to try new things. Even in the evenings when I realize I have done nothing distinctive the particular day. Once I went on a walk at about 11 pm all alone with headphones and it was awesome (my mum wasn't home obviously). Another time I wasn't so adventurous and watched a movie i haven't till then. After all the significant matter is to do something new that lights up your day in a way not experienced before.

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My first movie night with friends at home :)

You'll hear from me soon hearters <3

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