hey beautiful,

as you might know i love travelling and seeing new places. So I decided to write an article about that.
Hope you like it xoxo

1 Colorado
For me Colorado is a place where I want do do a roadtrip whith my husband someday. I just love the landscape there and how it look in pictures.

2 New York
I guess New York is the kind of dream everyone has. I personally love the citylife, but I live in a much smaller city than New York (in Germany, thats why my english is not that good, so please forgive me) so I want to live in New York someday for just three month, mabe after graduation or when ever.

Me, I love surfimg. I`m not even the kind of sporty girl but I love surfing. Ialso think that Portugal ist a paradise for surfers and anyways it`s just beautiful. Defenitly on of my fav places to go to.

I know I`ve already been to California this summer, but I wanted to go to California nearly my hole life so thats why I putted it in ths article. Btw. California was more than perfect and much cooler,better and more beautiful than I expected.

gosh! Hawaii is definetly one of the most important places on this list. I don`t know if it`s that beautiful than I think but even if it is only half beautiful than I belive it`s one of the prettiest places in the whole world.

6.New Zealand
Zew Zealand just has a landscape than no other country in the world. I beliuve it just has everythig form tropical beaches to mountains where you can go skiing. just one word: wow