When I´m really happy music is there to enjoy the fun with me. Music has been there When I´ve experienced the best moments in my life. Music creates some of them. When I´m sitting in the cold and I´ve got no one to warm me up music plays in my ear softly and warms me inside. When I´m lying on the bathroom floor with blood in my hands music is there to tell me to stop. It hugs me and tells me how strong I am. When everyone else left me in the dark crying music stayed the whole time. Music didn´t leave me when I pushed everyone away. Music helped me to get better. It stood by my side, held my hand, picked up the pieces of me and clued them back together. Music is the only thing that survives my storms and makes them stop. When I wanted to kill myself music told me not to.

Music has always been there in my happiest moments but also in the saddest.

- I owe so much to music.