Hii! Are you a Riverdale fan? If yes, you should read this article and follow my collection about Riverdale!

My favorite ship in this show is bughead, here I'll give some reasons to ship them:

1) When they look at each other time stops:

riverdale, betty cooper, and jughead jones image

2) They joke with each other:

cole sprouse, riverdale, and betty cooper image

3) The way he smiles at her:

Betty, gif, and riverdale image

4) He wants to keep her safe:

gif, cute, and cole sprouse image

5) The first time she sees him in a suit:

gif, cole sprouse, and riverdale image

6) Physical support:

Betty, gif, and hug image

7) Romeo and Juliet:

gif, the cw, and archie comics image

8) Hand holding:

Betty, gif, and archie comics image

9) When he kisses her for the first time:

cute boys, cole sprouse, and riverdale image
The breath he takes afterwords

10) I'm sorry but I couldn't find a last one, because there are a lot of other reasons I didn't write. And I love them, that's it.

So here you are some cute gifs and pictures:

gif, kiss, and cole sprouse image
Their second kiss.
couple, riverdale, and jughead image
cole sprouse, riverdale, and betty cooper image
Image by Ariana Araujo
When he kisses and holds her hands, it's just too much cute for me, best scene of the show.
riverdale, bughead, and Betty image
Last episod.
Betty, comic, and jughead image
riverdale, jughead, and Betty image
When he defends her from Chuck.
black and white, rain, and betty cooper image
gif and riverdale image
gif, tvshow, and colesprouse image
last and most important reason: they love each other.

I hope that you liked it!