Hey guys! So earlier today I saw something called "15 Day Writing Challenge" on the home page and thought it would be really fun to try! I've really been meaning to get back into writing and organizing my life and I think this will be a great way to do it. Here's the link if you wanna try: (and of course credit to the author!) So today is Day 2 for me (even though I wrote my introduction article like two days ago lol) so that means today is the day for a gratitude list! I think these are important to make and maintain. They're great for keeping a level head and be a balanced person on good days, and they allow you to take a step back on bad days and keep your head up high.

Gratitude #1: My sisters/suitemates. I'm in a sorority at my school, and I think I can say it really saved my life. I didn't really have any friends in my first semester of college, but to have these girls be so warm, accepting and inviting really made my semester. Pledging brought order and structure into my life, as well as friendships I will treasure forever. I even live with five of them now!

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Gratitude #2: My little brothers. They're 250 miles away at home, and every day I miss their warmth, their light, their humor, their affection and their creativity. My youngest brother is turning 13 in five days and I can't handle it! I love them so much.
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Gratitude #3: FALL! In New York, it's still 75 degrees out, but that doesn't mean I'm ready for the cozy colors, cheery crispness, spooky stories, and awesome food, drink and fashion of my favorite season (we're also getting close to my birthday!)
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Gratitude #4: My emotional and physical place. I get better every day. Being "home" for the summer gives me panic attacks and makes me feel lonely. My tiny town is so tight and crushing. It's nice to be away, on my own, able to make my own decisions and dictate my own life. I highly recommend going away to college if you're emotionally and financially able to (college increased my mental health a LOT). And my school is gorgeous and spacious but still cozy and close-knit.
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Gratitude #5: I'm grateful for God and all his blessings. He helps me grow and change. He helps me get better and improve my life. He is a constant guide and helping hand. I'm grateful to have faith and knowing someone is always on my side and hears my call, even if I'm quiet and alone.

So that's it! What are you grateful for? What are some goals you want to set for the upcoming school year, or for 2018! Let me know! I love talking to you guys :) Oh, and one last thing I'm grateful for: WHI articles! It really motivates me to be creative and to write again. I'm really happy this is a thing <3
Talk to you guys tomorrow!
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