I saw one of my haters today and it was kinda funny. Anyway, that reminded me about some relationships I have had. It's so weird how first you are so close with someone and then you become strangers. I'm talking about boys, friends and even my relatives.

And the worst thing is if they know all of your dirty secrets and all the mistakes you have made. It feels terrible. Then they tell those things to your friends and suddenly you have lost more than one friend. Like maybe I shouldn't share my secrets with anyone.

I feel like some of my ex-friends have been stolen from me. I don't believe that have happened on purpose but it still hurts. I'm just so tired of all this drama. It's like my heart is frozen or something. I'm really afraid to trust people and I'm not sure if I can love anymore.

Well, "lies spoken, trust broken and eyes opened". That's how it goes, some people aren't meant to stay in your life.

I'm not only blaming other people here. There was a time when I treated my friends and loved ones disrespectfully. I have lied and cheated but I learned from that. I hope those who had done bad things to me can also learn from their own mistakes.

Why relationships have to be this hard (at least to me)? Why do everybody leave? ...Now this overthinking is making me sad and I'm starting to have a headache.