I feel like every single person I know has it's own life purpose. Some give us beautiful music, which only they can create with their pure talent, some give others art, which gives you this comfortable feeling of being satisfied, when all the colors make sense, when each line, created by artist feels just right. Others give us words. Words that create light, appealing, disembodied, modulated and silvery sound, that give you the feeling like you are not alone and it is not only you, who does not find life easy. Some find other enjoyments, other things to live by and for, like giving others knowledge and there are the rest of us, still finding our life purose. I have felt so lost and so out of the right path, thinking I have no life purpose and I am stil finding mine. Maybe it is right in front of me, but the time for me to realise it, has not came yet. Maybe I am here to consume all ofthe above, maybe I'm supposed to be here to enjoy all the art, to enjoy the pleasant feelings while listening, learning, watching, admire, honor all the sounds, elements and pieces of life, facts, informations, materials, points, words and everything else in life.