Hey Everybody!
To introduce myself. I'm 16 yrs, and I'm from Hungary, Europe. I'm a simply girl, without any strange things. And thats all for now, lets start my story of being inspired by WHI.
A few months earlier I used to watch WHI every day -in the morning and in the evening.
But then I stopped. I thought that I spend too much time on my phone and I jut watched the app once or twice a week-usually in the weekends.
At the and of the summer I spend a lot of time with watch the pictures and read the BRAND NEW ARTICLES and it was sooo amazing, and I felt myself inspired...
I started to read as much as I used to do, and instead of continue my series, I started to write stories. First, just for fun, and for myself, but then I started a HP Fanfiction, amd now I write a little every day.
When I get up in the morning -at least 5.15- and I feel myself tired, I don't lie back. I catch my phone and looking for some new, interesting articles.
In the evenings, I do the same, but then I watch the pictures, too. My FAVE Inspirations are the following:
• Fashion
• Jewels
• Harry Potter
• Yellow
• Cities
• Colours and
• Makeup
Of course, These are my favourite, but I watch all of the interesting themes.
My latest search words are:
•No makeup makeup
•Outfits for fall
•Yaoi (khmm yes, it means boy x boy)
•Harry Potter wand tattoos (you know, when you have a little HP wand on one of your fingers, and it's sooo cool and cute)
•Back to School (yeahhh :/)
So these are mine. I also look forward nails, wallpapers and autumn pics.
I like to spend time with look for pictures about the next season. Its September, its cold, rainy and we have to go to school... I feel myself better when I see the warm coloures of the Autumn.

autumn, sweater, and fall image
Like these cute jumpers. And here is an Inspirating article about Autumn. These little things make me happy even when I have to get up sooooo early... (help me plz)

Thank you for read this text. I hope you enjoyed it, and find out what can You make happier and Inspired.