I'm a girl from Germany (sorry for my bad English, I'm trying to give my best) and I love animals and I don't mean pets, I mean ALL animals. so I started being a vegetarian in 2015 and it was the best decision I have ever made! I just want to give you all some tips, because it can be really hard I know this from first-hand experience. I hope you enjoy and I can help or motivate you being a vegetarian or vegan.

#1 all animals have feelings

respect every life on our earth. They all feel pain and have fears.

#2 do it slowly

If you like meat, but you don't want to eat dead animals this tip is perfect for you. Just start slowly try to eat not that much meat and fish you usually eat. and after 3 or 4 weeks you can go without meat.

#3 keep it going

When I'm really hungry and I smell meat, I could eat it, but I don't do it because everytime i have these thoughts I remember how much pain the animals had. You need to watch videos that are showing the real life, PETA has an instagram channel and they daily post videos like this to clarify people.

#4 stupid comments

I always hear comments like " animals are here for us" but this isn't true they are here WITH us, NOT FOR us. Just ignore it some people are just stupid and thats really really sad for our world.

#5 you make the world a little bit better

Many people are saying being a vegetarian or vegan doesn't save the lifes of the animals. This might be true but if everybody would pay attention about animal husbandry all animals would have a better life.

I know it's a sad topic but I hope I could help you. Thanks for reading this means a lot. xoxo