For those of you who don't know, I have created a 30-day challenge for myself. I will be posting an answer every day for the month of September to let my fantastic followers, and anyone else who is interested, know a little bit more about me! #WhiChallenge

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  • 13.Describe 5 weaknesses you have

Hey, everyone! It's day 13 of my #WhiChallenge and I am so impressed by everyone who has decided to take this challenge with me! Before I answer today's question, I would just like to mention those who I know are taking this challenge as well! Please check out their articles and give them as much support as you have given me. Thanks!


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Now, let's get on with the challenge. Today, I am going to list 5 "weaknesses" that I have. Some you may think are weaknesses, others you may not. However, these are what I perceive as weaknesses for myself.

1) Clumsy

I am clumsy. I trip over my feet, randomly lose balance, drop things constantly, can't catch anything to save my life, and stumble over my words a lot.

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2) Stay up too late

I have a bad habit of staying up way too late and regretting it in the morning.

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3) Forgetful

I am uber forgetful, especially with names but also with what day it is, what I'm supposed to be doing, what my homework is, and what time I'm supposed to be somewhere. I use my planner and jot things down in my phone a lot.

4) Trust

Don't get me wrong, trust can be a good, great, wonderful thing. Although, if you trust the wrong people, your heart can be broken, confidence can be shattered, and you find yourself shying away from people and not wanting to trust anyone again. I have the weakness of trusting the wrong people, unfortunately.

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5) Bottle up emotions

My last weakness is probably my worst. I have a really bad tendency to bottle up my negative emotions and try to either deal with them myself or not until they explode. This most likely goes along with not trusting others to see me when I'm sad, crying, lonely, mad, livid, or annoyed. Therefore, I try to deal with them myself and that never goes very well in the long run.

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That's it for today! I'm always kind of nervous to put more personal information out there but it is for the challenge and I am not one to back down from a challenge. I hope you all understand that I am not trying to be down on myself or anything like that. Actually, I think it good to recognize your weaknesses so that you can try to learn from them for future reference, like with trust, bottled up emotions, and staying up too late.

P.S. The title for this article is from the song "Weak" by AJR.

Thanks so much for reading my article and for your participation in my challenge as well!

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