Art class used to be my favorite, It was my favorite because when I saw you, you were my favorite piece of art.

My eyes twinkled every time I saw you, I saw colors flying with so much passion.

My greediness for you was dangerous, jealousy took form when I saw anyone else see the beauty you had.

October 20 was the day my heart stopped beating and flew out of my body. Happiness filled where my heart was.

But all great things have to come to an end, the art I found so beautiful turned into a disaster and with disaster my happiness drained from my body.

I saw your true colors for once, and October 20 is a nightmare to me now.

You left me with sorrow and emptiness for 2 years of my life, to the point all I saw was black and white.

October 20 is forgotten forever
October 20 was my first love
October 20 become ugly within time
October 20 is no longer art to me
October 20 is just that

October 20.