What do you imagine when I or someone else say “emotions”? I think most of the people imagine anger, happiness, sadness, hate and love. What is great! Just let’s read the article to understand today’s topic.

I think not a lot of people want to show their emotions. But why? Why do people think it’s bad to show your emotions?

We should show our emotions. We should talk about our problems. We should solve our problems and other’s problems. Why do people think showing your emotions is something weak?

Showing your emotions is something very important and part of our lives. Of course, there are people who can laugh at you and make fun of you because you can show you’re sad or angry. What’s really bad and that’s the problem. The problem why people don’t want to show their emotions.

But it’s also very important to listen. To listen to other people, helping each other, listening each other. Sometimes, you just can’t deal with anything just on your own, with yourself. Sometimes, you need help from others and it’s not like you would be weak. It’s something that makes you strong because you want to share something very important for you with other people.

I’m sorry if this article is not very good and maybe my thoughts sound like a total mess but I just want to say that showing emotions is not a bad thing. It doesn’t make you look like you would be a weak person. It makes you a strong person. Maybe even the strongest.

Don’t worry to show your emotions with the right people. It’s something normal and we all should do it.

See you soon, strangers. ✨
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