We live in a place that all but strips us of true feelings, turning them into vulnerabilities.

We must not cry in public.
We must not get angry.
We must not be too excited.
We are overflowing with emotions that we must contain
because they are not Right.
When are we going to tell ourselves that it's ok to Let go,
and to be a little human once in a while?

We need to realize that;
What matters in life, is not what society feeds us,
It's not beauty, or power, or fame, or riches.

It's the belief we have in ourselves, and others.
It is being able to acknowledge and Feel the emotions emotions we have.

And with that, we find that;
With empathy comes a selflessness.
With compassion there is strength.
And with emotion there is value.

Sometimes all it takes is yourself, and finding how you feel, to change your own life.

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"Soft hearts make the world worth living." -quoted from Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth