hey guys, I wanted to join the 15 days writing challenge (credits to sofie, @dreamer). The first challenge is to write an article that it's about YOU, an introduction to yourself. I decided to talk about who I am a little bit.

first of all: my name is Anna and I am in high school, I go to a linguistic school and I study normal high school subjects plus latin, italian, spanish and french...which is kinda hard to deal with.

I'm a taurus and I'm extremely headstrong, if I plan on doing something I'll do it no matter what! Sometimes it can be a really good thing, but, some others, it's not.

fun fact about myself: I'm extremely scared of butterflies.
I don't know why, I'm just afraid.

I'm pansexual, which basically means that I like people for their mind and their soul, more than how good looking they are in the outside. Sadly, I only had a boyfriend, but I had a lot of crushes on girls too.

My bestfriend is from Ecuador, but she never wants to speak spanish with me. My other best friend, Francesca, is from SriLanka and she taught me a lot of words and sentences.

usually, I write poetries, maybe in the future I will post some of them.

• R A N D O M F A C T S A B O U T M E •

#1 I'm allergic to almonds

#2 I suck at math but I really like science

#3 even tho I'm really insecure, people say I'm pretty, but I prefer being called smart

#4 fall is my favorite season

#5 tomorrow it's my first day in my new school, wish me good luck

#6 I have two rabbits named Trifoglio (clover) and Nerina (little black)

#7 I've always wanted a cat, but I never had one

#8 my favorite animals are wolves, tigers and carps

#9 I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and my house is Slytherin

#10 I love staring at the sky

this was the first article for the challenge, I will upload the next one tomorrow,
love you <3
xoxo, An

(if you want to find out a little more about me, read my 50 questions tag)