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1- SUNGLASSES, a good pair of sunglasses can make your look on point

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2-WATCH, it's probably one of the safest pieces of jewelry to wear and they can change ( for better!!) all your outfit.

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3- HAT

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TOP ( Choose simple cores- black, white, gray, ...)

1- WHITE T-SHIRT it's basic and they can go with everything, it's another safest pieces that you can invest on.

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2-OXFORD SHIRT you can look casual or if is your intention you can look formal too.

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3- SWEATHEARS it's basic it's comfortable on cozy

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4- PRINT T-SHIRT'S like band's or brands

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3- TAILORED WOOL COAT I think camel will be a good color for your first wool coat

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1- CHINOS and if you ask me what color is the most versatile or the first one you should have for me is khaki (tan or light brown)

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2- NAVY JEANS for me your first pair of jean should be dark wash or navy because they are the most versatile that you can combine

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3- BOOTS the chocolate ton is more neutral and you can use more often than usually

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And it's de end, I really hope that you guys enjoy and re-hearted if you did!!

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