Sofia rushed to the throne room , where she found her parents waiting for her.
'' Excuse me for being late Father.'' she said quietly and out of breath.
''It's fine my daughter...but let it not happen again soon....'' the King said and turned to face the musical ''band'' ,that had travelled all the way from the kingdom of Roathgarm, sent by its king, Stephan the third, only to entertain the royal family of the Seven Isles that night. King Stephan and King James the 'Veteran' had been friends for years and they used to send a little gift to each other every time one of them would conquer a new area, as a sign of respect and admiration. Sofia's father had recently conquered a new city near the Bold River and as a gift , King Stefan, had sent his best musicians to entertain him and his family.
Sofia sat on her throne and turned to face her mother who was already smiling at her. She new. Of course she did. She always new when Sofia was not just late by accident. Because she hadn't been talking to her maid. She hadn't been brushing her hair or choosing what to wear. No. But her mother new why she had lost sense of time and she would never betray her secret. Sofia smiled back at her and turned her face to the band as well. However she was not listening to the music. She just couldn't .Her mind would travel back to the last few hours ,she had spent with Caldwell.

'' Ohh Cal...I just don't want to be with anyone else but you...'' Sofia said and stroked Caldwell's chick. He smiled at her and pulled her in his hug, careful not to hurt her with his metallic armor.
'' I love you too, Sofia...'' he said plainly and then went on ''...but it doesn't depend on me ...or are a princess and I...I am just dead meat in a can..''
'' No!'' Sofia loudly said and pulled away. '' are a Knight !..'' she said and tightened her fists.
'' We are saying the same thing....look...'' Cal said and placed his helmet on the grass ,gently'' job is to protect you and nothing more....if anyone finds out that we are together...we will both be hung....I don't want to risk it ...After all...'' he stopped after that phrase.
'' After all what??'' she asked looking worried.
'' After all, I have nothing to offer you. Whilst a prince can!'' Sofia didn't talk for a second. She was just trying to bear what he had just said ,in mind.
''Did I ask for ANYTHING ?!?!'' she finally shouted and teared.
'' I didn't say that!'' he shouted back.'''s's for your own good.'' Cal said and lowered his voice. He was hurt too but he just thought he was doing the right thing.
'' I think you just stopped loving me...maybe you are in love with someone else....'' Sofia said very quietly looking at the grass and her voice was trembling. Cal widened his eyes and took a step closer to her.
'' What!? No! I lo-'' he said but she pulled herself further and cut him off.
''No!'' was all she said. He stood there just thinking. Maybe he should lie. Maybe he should tell her that he was indeed in love with someone else in order to hurt her and let her go. He just couldn't though.
'' You know what??...'' he said walked towards her fastly.'' I don't care...let them kill me ...let them bumish me but my heart will only belong to you! Never doubt that!'' He said and kissed her fearsomely. Sofia hugged him tightly and smiled during their kiss.
'' Don't you ever let me go.'' she said after a while. He sighed.
'' Never....I little drama queen.'' he said and looked her in the eyes, smiling. They spent the rest of the evening in their secret place-garden.

The music interrupted her thoughts and she smiled ,happy with her life for the moment. She would be with her loved one. At least for now.