What a load of crap.

""After an entire half of a season of pushing, forcing, and fan servicing the last thing Teen Wolf is doing is erasing your hetero ship that has a void of anything even close to resembling chemistry.

Listen, Stydias, I know you like your female characters to be useless and always needing a strong male character to be involved in the helpless Mary Sue. But Lydirat is more than just Stiles. They don’t have to reference that crap every two minutes.

If you read the spoilers that were leaked (not a 100% sure if they were genuine or not) you’ll know that Stydia is gags endgame. Even though Dylan is not a fan of it (his face during the kiss and his latest comments about it - confirming it was in fact fan service) + his face when Shelley said Scott and Malia will happen.

What it must be like to ship something with no chemistry, with such piss poor writing + that was fan serviced, that the male actor loathes, that when happened it killed the show (the views dropped like Trump’s approval rating)"" -anything-but-stydia on tumblr.

the "development" of stydia is Lydia ignoring the poor boy for 5 seasons while he chased after her, and apparently still had feelings for her when he was with Malia which is fucked up, and then claiming that she somehow loves him. How does that work?

Stydias also got 6A all about their ugly ship and now they want 6B and everyone wanted Stydia huh? Then how come the ratings dropped when Stydia started happening. Ohhhh I know because nobody wanted Stydia and now that its a thing its literally the ugliest ship and that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't fanserviced.