so September has come and for college students in Argentina that means hell: exams every weeks. Plus that, I am allergic to the flowers and things that leaves the trees, so I feel really sick all over the month. It's horrible, and all I can think about is in the end of the month. Back to the college theme: I have Biophysics, and I totally hate it. It's boring and I don't understand any problem that the profesor gave us to solve. So my stomach is filled with nerves because I feel like I know nothing and the exam is in less than two weeks. And what am I doing? I play stupid games on my phone or I study for Chemistry or IPC. Seriously, I hate this time of the year because all that matters for me is the summer vacations that comes in less than three months.
So I am doing the best I can to focus only on college and forget about distractions and incoming vacations, but it's getting harder that what I thought. My first objetive is to leave the social media while I am studying and use my free time to read the college books and not the entertaining books.

Wish me luck, I will really need it. I know it's not impossible, so I have faith in myself. I hope I can pass the exams with a high note so I can get relaxed until the next exams.

PD: Obviously I will use WHI once in a while, I am addicted to the aesthetics pictures I found here, and that's a vice that I will never leave.