Dear ex #1,

It's been about 3 years since we got together, and also about 3 years we decided to split up.
Back then we were too young to even understand what love is, and how it worked.
But.. thank you for being my very first kiss. You were gentle with me since I didn't know if I was ready or not.
But again, thank you so much.

Dear ex #2,

Right now this day, would have been the day that we were 25 months together. Too bad we made it up till 15 months. I still love you to this very day.
You really showed me what trust is, and how important it is for a healthy relationship.
You were my very first time, I wished you were also my very last but that didn't happen.
You made several mistakes in our relationship, you lied and cheated on me. But everything is forgiven. I hope that you meet someone great, someone you deserve. Cause I know you deserve the whole world.

I still love you. Thank you for being my first time.

Dear ex #3,

You were there when me and ex #2 broke up. You've seen how devistaded I was. You've seen what he did to me. You convinced me I deserverd better, and that that better was you.
You wanted me to be happy.
You got me at my lowest moment, and let me go at my happiest.
You didn't like me anymore, you said. I couldn't understand.
After all this, you were my best friend. I trusted you. You meaned the world to me.
Even though we still have class together, we don't talk as much. But just so you know, I will always be there for you. And I hope you will be here for me too.

Thank you for catching me at my lowest moment.