As many others I always wanted to make change but never got enough motivation to get up and do something about it.
Recently I found out why is that a case-

For those who dont have time to watch video

Our brain is programmed to stop us from changing- it is scared of something uncertant and new and that leads us to overthink.
By using 5s rule you are taking action before your brain has time to react! You create a habit of doing something and once you get going it is easier every new step of the way :)

examples of rule

  • Do not hit sneeze button- get out of bed in 5 seconds before you overthink it
life, alarm, and button image
  • If you want to exercise get up and do it- dont say "I will do it later"
"You will not. Trust me."
-Your brain
  • You want to be healthy- get up and make something easy and fresh to eat and / or go for a walk
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Hope this article motivates you :) xoxo Dreamer