Its that time of the year again, you know that moment right between summer and fall? Not quit sure what to wear cause in the morning that sweater feels like the best choice ever but in the afternoon it feels like the worst.
So i'm gonna try and show you how i survive this period of struggles with what to wear and how i would style it.

The Mom jeans.

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The mom jeans, you either hate it or love it. I absolutely adore em. Easy, comfortable and pretty easy to style. You can go for the Levi's denim one's or go for a crazy stripe or print.
You can style with a oversized graphic tee, even a basic white tee will do.
Sweaters are my life-savers in fall, winter, and basically any season. So off course i would style them with mom jeans. I absolutely adore my mom jeans with a little bit of an oversized sweater, add a cute choker and you are ready for the day. But sweaters are tricky at this point of the year, so lets keep it simple and a little cooler. A basic black undershirt, add some large necklaces a denim jacket,maybe even cute boots and girl you are ready for whatever mother nature decides to trow at you.

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The teddy coat/ Fluffy coat

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The best way to spice up your outfit: add some fluff to it! Whether its a big leopard coat or that pinky teddy coat, whatever you like is your way to spice it up and will definitely keep you warm when its necessary.
I have a big leopard coat wich i basically adore, i style it was some basic items, black jeans, white tee and some boots and i'm ready to go. I keep it simple/basic because my coat is already very busy and printed, but when you like pattern on pattern i would say go for it girl.

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When you go for a more basic fluffy coat, you can style it with whatever you want, you can add some lace, trow in that pattern you absolutely love, and it's already good to go. The fluffy coat is what i think the most easy way to give your outfit a little bit of extra for the day.


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Mules, the shoe a lot of people have been loving. Personal not my favorite but i do believe that they are the most comfortable shoes ever. They are incredible easy to style cause you can wear them under everything and it will look good anyway.

And last but not least STRIPES

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If you don't have at least one piece of clothes with stripes on it in your closet, you go and walk to that store. Stripes are totally making there come back, and they are rocking it. Easy to style, they will look good on everyone trust me. Shirt, Dresses, Pants even denim jackets are covered with stripes.

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This is al i have for you guys today, if you have any subject you want me to write about, you can always send me a message.

Much love, Sophie