1. If you like simple things


cine, cinema, and film image growing up, Mason, and richard linklater image boyhood, zoe graham, and ellar coltrane image couple, love, and kiss image
A movie about growing up, family and art.

2. If you like drama with comedy

The Help

movie, screencaps, and vintage image kind, movie, and smart image car, emma stone, and movie image emma stone, the help, and viola davis image
Loyalty, 60s racism and being different.

3. If want to see a true friendship

The Outsiders

the outsiders image the outsiders, behind the scenes, and johnny cade image the outsiders, Ponyboy Curtis, and stay gold image book, boy, and movie image
Rival bands, 80s hot guys, sunsets.

4. If you want to laugh and sing

Mamma Mia

mamma mia, amanda seyfried, and movie image mamma mia and movie image mamma mia and meryl streep image mamma mia, amanda seyfried, and meryl streep image
Mom and daughter relationship, Greece, and a wedding.

5. If you want to cry


book, child, and film image emotional, lion, and movie image Dev Patel, lion, and movie image beauty, boy, and crush image
You'll always find your way back home.

6. If you want to feel uncertainty and impotence in a good way


sleepers image Flagged For Review movie, priest, and robert de niro image brad pitt, movie, and shakes image
Revenge, doing the impossible for your friends, hijos de la calle.

7. If you want to see the power of God

The Impossible

actor, tom holland, and lovely image the impossible image 2012, ewan mcgregor, and family image daniel and the impossible image
Family love and faith in God is more powerful than evertything.

8. If you want to see a clichè friendship becoming love

Love, Rosie

love rosie, movie, and lily collins image love rosie, movie, and lily collins image love, love rosie, and lily collins image lily collins, love rosie, and movie image
You will cry and laugh at the same time.

9. If you love the 80s as I do

Back to the Future 1/2

Back to the Future and movie image Back to the Future and 80s image 80s, Back to the Future, and girls image Back to the Future, marty mcfly, and christopher lloyd image
A classic one, your parents sure love it.

10. If you want to see the cutest latin film ever

No Se Aceptan Devoluciones (Instructions Not Included)

instructions not included image bebe, valentin, and devoluciones image no, devoluciones, and se image funny, movie, and no image
You'll see what a father can do for his daughter's love, in a mexican way.

11. If you want to get inspired about following your dreams.

La La Land

cinematography, emma stone, and ryan gosling image actor, alone, and alternative image emma stone, movie, and la la land image aesthetic, emma stone, and movies image
Just jazz, passion and fools who dream.

12. If you want to see three forms of relating with a boy in the 70s

20th Century Women

Elle Fanning, 20th century women, and lucas jade zumann image 20th century women image 20th century women image 20th century women image
Love in differents ways and people who dance when things are a mess.

13. If you want to see a good animated movie without being a disney's film

Kubo and the Two Strings

kubo and two strings image kubo and the two strings image Abusive image animation, kubo, and movie animation image
Emotional, funny and atypical.

14. If you like Blockbusters films, and superheroes

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Image removed Marvel, spiderman, and tom holland image spiderman, homecoming, and Marvel image spiderman, tom holland, and peter parker image
Best Peter Parker ever.

15. If you believe in the "after all, there are still good people in the world"

The Reader

kate winslet, movie, and the reader image the reader, kate winslet, and movie image the reader, kate winslet, and movie image kate winslet and the reader image
Lovely and strong movie.

16. If you want to see how a person can change your life

Good Will Hunting

matt damon, good will hunting, and movie image Inspiring Image on We Heart It trust, quotes, and movie image matt damon, friends, and movie image
Art, just art.