Today I wanted to share with you some tips I've learnt about how to be productive at school and also how to get good graduations!

This is my last year at the high school (so happy but so sad about it) and throughout this passed years I understood a lot about how things go in there...

So let's get started!

It is very important to be attentive in class, and listen to teachers is fundamental. Remember that they simplify your study since they tell things in a better way and add information not included in books. If you show them that you know all they've sad (or a plenty part of it) they will instantly reconsider you.

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Also if you' re so lucky to have such a pretty teacher, then you're done!

Yes, listening it's important but don't forget to write down all you heard.
Taking notes help you fix things! I also advice you to use different pens and colours.

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When you get home from school, the last thing you want to do is doing homework. One thing I suggest you is to begin with a subject that you like or at least something you don't hate at all.

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(I totally hate studying Dirict but I love studying Science)

As I said before I totally recommend you to use different highlighters to underline your books. It's a life changing for me (I have 11 different highlighters! No...I'm not joking ahah) It makes your mind memorize way better various subjects.

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Okay some people can take it for granted but don't do it.
Divide your work so you have a little bit to do every day. It makes your mind more free to recharge but also keep your brain active and productive.

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Scientific researches have shown that being surrounded by productive people makes you a better student since they influence you in the best way and also ispires you a lot!

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Okay, that's not a school proper thing. But I really think that reading books (whichever you like)
makes a huge difference. I doesn't only improve your writing, it also enriches your brain and lexic. What's more you can read sometimes newspapers, they're not so boring and I personally prefer them to TV news.

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Stay true to your goals and wait for it to come true. Good results take time to come so you must be patient. Remember also that school is a way to achieve your carrier objectives. Don't take it as an unuseful thing!

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Never ever ever ruin everything just because your classmates get better graduations or because one day you're not able to study. It can be a passage period, not an entire life. So, after realizing it, roll up your sleeves and begin again. Everything it's done, it's done for yourself.

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Be always ready to learn something, it doesn't matter the subject. Every single thing can be useful for your or other people life. Learning is a thing you will do until the end of your life, so do it as best as you can!

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Okay, that's it!
I really hope you found this article useful, I really enjoyed writing it!!

xx love,