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K.A.R.D (카드, also K♠RD) is a South Korean co-ed group formed by DSP Media. Their name stands for King, Ace, JokeR, & HiDden. The group is composed of four members: J.seph, B.M, Somin and Jiwoo.  They had a pre-debut on December 13, 2016 with the single "Oh NaNa" featuring Youngji as hidden member. After this there were be 2 more pre-debut singles (Don't recall and Rumor), before K.A.R.D official debut on 19\07\ 2017.

The members

  • BM
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Real Name : Matthew Kim (매튜 킴)
Korean Name : Ki Woo Jin/Kim Jin Suk (김우진/김진석)
Stage Name : BM (비엠)
Position : Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Date of Birth : October 20, 1992
Place of Birth : Los Angeles, California, United States
Training Period : 4.5 years
Pre-Debut Activities: He is a former Kpop Star contestant.
BM appears in the video clip of the Rainbow "Sunshine" and KARA "Mamma Mia".
Card: [K]ing

  • Somin
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Real Name : Jeon So Min (전소민)
Stage Name : Somin (소민)
Position : Main Vocalist, Visual
Date of Birth : August 22, 1996
Place of Birth : South Korea
Education: Seokyeon University, Music Department
Pre-Debut Activities: Somin is a former member of the group Puretty and April. Somin officially left from April on 9 November, 2015.
She and Chaewon collaborate in the song "Me Inside You" on the album DSP White. She appeared in the music video "Born Hater" of Epik High and MV "White" from the DSP Friends.
Card : BlackJoke[R]

  • J.Seph
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Real Name : Kim Tae Hyung (김태형)
Stage name : J.Seph (제이 셉)
Position : Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Date of Birth : June 21, 1992
Place of Birth : South Korea
Training Period: 5 years.
Pre-Debut Activities: He has appeared as a dancer in a showcase Rainblow Blaxx.
Card: [A]ce

  • Jiwoo
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Stage Name: JiWoo
Birth Name: Jeon JiWoo
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
Date of Birth : October 4, 1996
Place of Birth : South Korea
Training period: 2 months.
Card Name: Color [J]ocker


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Twitter: @KARD_Official (they share the same twitter account)
Instagram: @official_kard
Facebook: officialkard
Youtube: KARD’s channel

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Music Videos

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