Look 1

Black jeans, Top, Cardigan, Mules

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Definetely, an everyday outfit for the fall.It looks put-together and the best part is that the long cardigan feels like a blanket.

Look 2

Skirt, Sweater, White sneakers, "Channel" bag, Nude jacket

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The stripe skirt adds so much to the outfit, so make sure you keep it simple at the top.You can accessorize it with a jacket and a "channel" style bag.

Look 3

Jeans, White sweater, Leather jacket, Boots, Classy bag

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Another everyday look for the fall.For the days you feel like you have nothing to wear, this is it.Grab your favorite pair of jeans and style it with a white sweater and a leather jacket over it.

Look 4

Warm-coloured sweater, Backpack, Sneakers

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Warm-coloured sweater screams fall to me more than nothing else.They are a must-have for the fall season and they are literally the comfiest thing ever.

Look 5

Dress, Jean jacket, White sneakers

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Last but not least, for the days you feel more extra, I got you.You can wear a dress with a jean jacket and you are good to go.

- Love, Dimitra