#1 what is your name?


#2 what does your name mean?

"He (God) has favored me" [credit: www.thinkbabynames.com]

#3 where are you from?


#4 where do you live?


#5 what do you do for a living?

I'd say I teach languages to kids, but I'm still studying

#6 what is [are] your favorite color [s] ?

blue, green, yellow

#7 what is your star sign?


#8 what is your favorite music genre?

rock, r&b even rap

#9 who is your favorite musician?

my dad (just kidding, my favorite musician is Sam Smith)

#10 favorite food?


#11 favorite drink?

chinotto !

#12 favorite snack?


#13 favorite holiday?


#14 favorite past time?

watching tv series, reading, writing poems

#15 favorite sport?

I like to swim sooo

#16 what is something you're talented at?

(that's what people say) singing and drawing

#17 what is something you wish you were talented at?


#18 are you competitive?

more than you

#19 describe yourself in a single sentence:

storm with a body

#20 what is the best compliment you have ever received?

“I think you're the smartest girl I know" from my ex boyfriend

#21 what are some of your bad habits?

I go to sleep late and in the morning I can't find the force to go to school

#22 what are your favorite things about yourself?

my freckles and my eyes

#23 what is on top of your bucket list?

make my dad proud, honestly

#24 what are three long term goals?

going to university, adopting a cat and visit New Zealand

#25 what are three short term goals?

finish the novel I'm currently writing, buying a fish with my best friend (I promise it's funny) and clean my room

#26 what are you doing today to help you achieve those goals

not much

#27 what is your biggest accomplishment?

oh God I don't know... saving a hamster's life?

#28 what is an ideal first date for you?

watching a movie at the drive in

#29 what is something you look for in a partner?


#30 who is [are] your role model [s] ?

my nonna (my grandma) and my dad

#31 which of your parents are you more like?

sadly, my mom

#32 which of your parents are you closest to?

I don't know if I wanna answer this

#33 what is the last book you read?

a red herring without mustard by Alan Bradley

#34 what is your favorite fairytale?

I'd say Peter Pan

#35 what is your favorite quote?

"be nice to people because you never know what they're going through"

#36 favorite subject in school?


#37 subject you were best at?


#38 favorite teacher?

rights and duties

#39 do you have a best friend, if so, then who?

yes, nutella

#40 who has left the most impact in your life?

two amazing and strong women

#41 what app [s] do you use the most?

instagram and hay day (lol)

#42 what piece of technology can you not live without?


#43 what countries have you visited?

only Italy

#44 what countries would you like to visit?

New Zealand, Japan, Cuba, Morocco...

#45 (there was a question I already answered so I made one) what is your favorite disney movie?

fantasia 2000 (I never get tired of it)

#46 best memory you have?

going on a plane the "first" time (it was the second, but the first time I was like six months old) is the only thing I can think about

#47 most embarrassing memory?

too many of these to just pick one lmao

#48 how many relationship have you been in?

in my dreams too many...but in the reality just one that was serious

#49 if you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

stop eating so much you fat ass, you'll work way too hard to lose the weight you gained

#50 one thing you know now that you wish you had known as a kid?

that wasn't Santa, it was uncle Sandro you stupid nugget

this is ittttt, hope you enjoyed
lots of love <3
xoxo, An