I want to say another goodbye to the place
For all the joyful moments
For all the other ones
The ones that can keep you awake at night
The ones that can make you scream your heart out
Because when I look back
I am met with mixed feelings
It's something I can't quite put a finger upon
And I know, that I most of all just want to forget everything and leave it behind

I want to say another goodbye to the people
All the little actors and actresses in a movie that seemed like a dream
To the ones who made my day
But also to all the other ones
The ones who intentionally hurt me
The ones who didn't mean it that way, when they said all those things
But they said it anyway and now it's too late
Because people change
It's unavoidable
And maybe that's a good thing

The day I said goodbye for good was sunny and green
It was one of the first days in the summer
One of those days where it's too cold to not wear a light jacket
I remember walking alone
All dressed in black like it was a funeral
Went down the long avenue of golden trees for the last time
And I said my final goodbyes to the red and blue castle on the right
And the long empty hallways of innocence
That was the day I closed the door of the first chapter of my life
And went on to the second