At the beginning of this month I was forced to watch Death Note by my friend. Now don't get me wrong, I have always wanted to watch this particular anime and see for myself what the hype is all about but I never felt motivated enough to start watching it.


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On a sidenote: I've been watching anime ever since I was little and I have gone through most of the classics like Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, D.Gray Man and others I can't currently remember, plus I have watched all of the Studio Ghibli Movies. Therefore I ought to have knowledge on what I should expect from an anime.

Now, since this is cleared, let's get on to the anime itself.
Before I knew its name, I have had my own personal encounters with by either viewing a picture or merch in general which were obviously popular in the community.

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That is how I now that this anime is really old and ofc a classic and a must watch for any devoted otaku out there.

What shocked me beforehand was the number of episodes which is 37. I always expected it to have more than that since Fullmetal Alchemist has so many and even D.Gray Man has at least 50 too.

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In the process of watching it I have to admit that it never stopped to amaze me how much thought the creators have put in, mainly concentrating on the plot rather than on the overall "magic" part. I never lost the feeling that I was playing chess, or at least the mind games that they were playing deluded me to think in such a way.

As I continued watching further, I came to like almost all of the main characters.

  • Light Yagami
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He is very captivating and charming, as usual. But what is odd is that he is the very handsome main character who is playing the bad guy whilst mocking the others as being the good one (which is pretty atypical for an anime). This is the first thing I noticed and maybe that was what it made me continue to watch it. As the plot unveils he becomes more and more cunning and vein and his motive rot as he does from the inside.

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The most breathtaking part from the whole anime at least to me was when he finally defeated L. And I can't help but applaud the way he planned out his escape from suspicion by erasing his memories for a short period of time.

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His fall was also very interesting because of the way he coped with his own defeat which was deplorable.

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  • L Lawliet

As for L. He was also an incredible genius but after a long and tiring game of the minds he lost by paying with his life. Even so, L is a truly unique and queer character and his methods are "out of the box" and the same time they are so well thought that any intricacy would have a big meaning.

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  • Ryuk

Ryuk is my favorite character. Why? Mainly because he comes from another dimension and is the only one who doesn't suffer at all. He gets to witness the match between two intellectuals.

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  • Misa Amane

The only female main character and portrayed with very low intellect. What is very ironic is that she is the only one who lives.

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Overall, the anime was worth watching and I do understand now what the hype was all about. As always, it is rare for an anime to displease you (unless you have no taste :P , just kidding).

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Stay true,