The rainy days of autumn are the perfect time to read, to travel time and places, and to get a little bit of magic , so...
  • get a cup of tea ,
  • get a blanket ,
  • get a great book ,
...and lets get started.

Get Naked

London 1976. A hot, endless Summer. The Summer of music and chaos. The Summer of hate and love. The Summer of William Bonney. The Summer that will change Lilis Life forever.

- The story is about a girl living in London in the 70`s, and gets invovled in the evolution of Punk and in the political conflict of north and south ireland. It is an amazing description of how music makes us feel like, and how life can change from one second to the other. It is a powerful lovestory , dramatic, and pure poetry.

Carpe Diem

A journey through Southeastasia. How exciting. Except for Vassar. She has her life planned out. She knows wich univeristy she wants to go to, who and when she will marry, where she wants to live and work , how many kids she will have,...But when her grandma takes her on this crazy roadtrip it gets her thinking: do you really live when you have a plan for everything?

- Well, perspective can change when you travel. This book is one of the funniest storys i have ever read in my life. It is spontaneous and crazy and changes your mind. And it shows that the best thing you can do is to turn your life around with humour.

You against Me

When someone hurts your sister and you`re any kind of man , you seek for revenge, right?
If your brother`s accused of a terrible crime but says he didn`t do it, you defend him, don`t you?
When Mikey`s sister Claims a Boy assaulted her, his world Begins to fall apart.
When Ellie`s brother is charged with the offence, her world Begins to unravel.
When Mikey and Ellie meet, two worlds collide.

- It is a story that shows how strong love can actually be. It is dramatic and full of inner conflicts, it gets right to the bottom of painful questions. How much is your own life, your own desire, worth?The story feels like real life, and you suffer with all of the characters. Over all it is a beautiful lovestory.

The BookThief

At the grave of her younger brother , she steels her first book. A deep love towards books and words is born, that will not leave her even when the world around her breaks into pieces. She sees the jews walk through Dachau, the bombers in Munich - and she survives: because the dead took a shine to her.

- This book, to me, has set a new standard of what a story can do. I loved it so much. Its the story of a little german girl in the second world war, having no idea whats ahead of her. It is amazing how the author has the talent to creat such a magic within the scenery of war. I dont want to take to much away of the story, so i just say read it. It is pure magic and friendship and love and a brave girl and it will defenetly make you cry.

well, i really hope those are enough books for the rainy days of autumn.


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