It's quite hard to express yourself in today's society.
They tell you who you should be, and then once you're that way, it's not good enough.
So let me tell you something. No matter what this stereotype says, you do and be you.
It's so freakin' hard to start loving yourself when you're convinced you're not looking the way you are "suppose to look".
No matter what size you are, it doesn't matter,
YOU are BEAUTIFUL. Remember that. Okay?
You are not made to follow the trend, to wear what everyone else is wearing, to act like everyone else does, to be like everyone else.
Different is what makes you unique.
I know that you can't suddenly start to adore yourself, but baby steps. Just encourage yourself and love the body you live in, cherish it and your mind, try to be as positive as you can.
Everything happens for a reason, even though it may not seem like that.
Have faith.
Be good, do good. Show kindess even if they are all mean to you, just because you can and it's cool. :)