So this is my first article, I hope you like it.

What is hope?
We can't touch it or see it.
But we can feel it.
Many people say that hope makes us alive.
I tend to disagree. But I also don't agree that hope let's us suffer.
I think hope hurts.
Hope is pain.
If your heart is broken or when it's crushed in a thousand pieces. If you get hope, that little feeling that hits you when you see that person again. That little ray of light in a dark tunnel that you'll always see even if he broke you.
That's hope.
Then hope hurts.
Then hope is pain.
But hope isn't always bad.
Hope can help.
Hope can make us alive.
Hope is life.
that little spark of hope can sometimes do so mush.
It can prevent people from committing suicide. It makes people laugh again, every day.
Then hope makes you happy.
Let hope inspire.
Then hope can help.
Then hope can make us feel alive.
Because life is not always easy just like hope.
i'm hopeful