aesthetic, asian, and bands image
One and Only
key, korean, and neon image
Tell me what to do
— SHINee
dean, kpop, and boy image
D (Half Moon) & What 2 do
— Dean
gif and hyuna image
Get outta my house
— Hyuna
dark, green, and forest image
4 Walls
— F(x)
gif, girls' generation, and holiday night image
Magic & Moonlight
— Seohyun
gif and kpop image
Love Me The Same, Gravity & Golden Sky
— Jessica
gif, Sunny, and girls generation image
(tag yourself im hyoyeon)
One Afternoon, Talk Talk
— Girls' Generation

Most of Taeyeon's song except Why, Cover Up, Good Thing, Up&Down, I'm OK and Stress because remember why you're here : you're supposed to sleep honey!1!1!

But if I had to recommend 5 songs of TY :

gif and taeyeon image
Time Lapse

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And I also recommend this playlist :

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