I would like to confess somethings that have been depriving my poor soul from sleeping the night...

Though we are the most sensitive persons we could ever meet, we became somehow the cold- hearted ones. So I would like to send a f*** off to those who made us this way but yet deny it desperately over some lost silly hope that we'll give them second chances.

I would like to say that I'm officially now a heartless person that walks doors unnoticeably leaving not petals as I used but rather pins; deal with it.

So my point is no matter how bad the other person is, we'll have empathy for him just because we love him, even if it was unmutual, so why is it when we became this "other person" people don't have empathy for us!
where all the good deeds go?
true.. no good deed goes without punishement.
but we already had been punished enough.. enough to be turned into wild animals of cold hearts. Sad thing, indeed...