Hello, Hearts!
Today I wanna write about a thing that worries many people: the perfect photos.
Taking a perfect selfie or photo is almost impossible. Sometimes (or every time) we take a selfie and delete it cuz we think is ugly or there's no enough light or other things that don't make us satified about the result.

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I guess everyone knows this drama.
Luckly there are many apps with many filters that can help us.
My fave one is VSCO Cam. It's a very simple editor photo with some very very cute filters.

...there's a little annoyance: some of those filters are free and others are paid.
Applying the filters isn't enough. We have to work, play with tools (contrast, saturation, shadow, highlight ect.) and try and try until we find the perfect combination with those tools.
Don't be desperate! Luckly (AGAIN!) there are some Instagram accounts which advice many combinations.
The best accounts are:

  • CUTEFILTRS: at the moment, there are 236 posts and this means we have 236 possibilities to find the perfect combination/filter for our photos/selfies. The admin describes the filters aln also give us some advice about when and for kinf of photo we can use a specific filter. I don't have a fave filter cuz I really like every single one of them and every time I can't choose. The admin doesn't post every day but, even so, I think it's the best.
  • OMGFILTRS: the same of the previous account: it doesn't post every day but it's okay because we have a wide choice with 196 posts. Under every filter, there's the description and advices about when we can use it.
  • WHATFILTRS: the same of the previous account. There are only 58 posts but they're reaaly good.
  • VSCO.PRINCESS: the admin posts almost every day. When the filter used is a paid one, under the description, there's a free alternative to get almost the same effect. It's really cute.
  • EDITEDTHEMES: it's a new account with only 28 posts but I advice you it too because the admin uses different apps, not only VSCO Cam.
  • FI.LTRS: there are 195 posts and short advice but, unlike the other accounts, it doesn't accept dm requests.
  • VSCOCHEATS: it's really really really cool. It often posts and you absolutely have to take a look.

These are my fave IG accounts. They save my selfies/photos.
What are you waiting for?
Take a look to these accounts and have fun to find your favourite filter.
Do you know other apps or accounts like these? Share with me your opinion sending me a message (if you want).
What is your fave filter?

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(if you wanna take a look to my IG account: http://instagram.com/mavghe_ )