Hey everyone!

I absolutely love challenges! So I thought, why not do one? I found this really cool one, from @TypicalGirl48 (love em!).
So yeah I'll start with day one.

Day One: List 20 random facts about yourself.

1) My favorite color is yellow.

2) I am a really stressed person (really I stress about everything).

3) I absolutely love reading.

4) I am obsessed with unicorns.

5) My favorite animals are penguins, narhwals and (yes I consider them animals) unicorns.

6) My favorite person in the whole world is my little brother. He's 10.

7) I hate math and French.

8) I love all kinds of music.

9) I am a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and of equality.

10) I am also in the LGBTQ+ community (I'm gay if it wasn't clear).

11) I could watch all 8 Harry Potter movies a 100 times and still not get tired of them.

12) My favorite band is Fifth Harmony.

13) I love going to concerts (unfortunately I am very broke).

14) I do not watch TV, but I watch a lot of series.

15) I love the 100 (BUT LEXA DESERVED BETTER).

16) My favorite place is either my bed or the library.

17) I love helping people and I want to make my job out of it.

18) I would love to go to Australia.

19) I am not tidy AT ALL.

20) My kind of humor is the worst.

Okay, well, thank you for reading, I guess?