since I love discovering new music, I thought it would be cool showing you my music through this "playlist" so you can discover something new as well

DAY 1: a song with a color on the title

little black dress - one direction

DAY 2: a song with a number on the title

one call away - charlie puth

DAY 3: a song that reminds you of summertime

superheroes - the script

DAY 4: your favourite song

(I'd say) crazy - gnarls barkley

DAY 5: a song that needs to be played loud

smells like teen spirit - nirvana

DAY 6: a song that makes you wanna dance

lips are movin - megan trainor

DAY 7: a song to drive to.

anything from green day

DAY 8: a song about drugs or alcohol

marijuana - ghali

DAY 9: a song that makes you happy

hall of fame - the script ft.

DAY 10: a song that makes you sad

(it makes me emotional but here you go) never be alone - shawn mendes

DAY 11: a song that you never get tired of

help - the beatles

DAY 12: a song that you want played at your funeral

superheroes - the script

DAY 13: one of you're favourite 70's song

across the universe - the beatles

DAY 14: a song you want played at your wedding

little things - one direction

DAY 15: a song that is a cover by another artist

last christmas - ariana grande [wham!] (I love christmas songs)

DAY 16: a song that's a classic favorite

(mhmm Idk) stay with me - sam smith

DAY 17: a song you'd sing a duet with someone on karaoke

mistletoe - justin bieber

DAY 18: a song from the year you were born

crazy in love - beyoncé ft. jay-z (I had to google it)

DAY 19: a song that makes you think about life

don't you worry child - swedish house mafia

DAY 20: a song that has many meanings to you

company - justin bieber

DAY 21: a song that you like with a person's name in the title

jessie's girl - rick springfield

DAY 22: a song that moves you forward

(well..) life is worth living - justin bieber

DAY 23: a song you think everybody should hear

1-800-273-8255 - logic

DAY 24: a song you like from a band you wish was still together

a hard day's night - the beatles

DAY 25: a song you like from an artist no longer living

purple rain - prince

DAY 26: a song that makes you want to fall in love

perfect - ed sheraan

DAY 27: a song that breaks your heart

too good at goodbyes - sam smith

DAY 28: a song by an artist whose voice you love

sweet creature - harry styles

DAY 29: a song you remember from your childhood

gnam gnam style - psi (lol)

DAY 30: a song that reminds you of yourself

heartbreak girl - 5 seconds of summer

that was it... hope you discovered new music <3 love you
xoxo, An