(I know I said I'd be making a k-playlist next but I thought of this and just had to do it straight away!! K-Playlist will be next don't worry!!)

This is full of songs in my playlist that lift my mood! Hope you enjoy and give them all a listen!

|23:59 by McBusted|
This song is a fast paced song that makes you want to dance! McBusted was a super group made up of two popular British bands called Busted and McFly (this band is were my username comes from). They released an album full of songs that are amazing and uplifting so check out both groups and McBusted's album!

|Why Don't You Know? by Chungha|
This song is amazing!! Queen Chungha slaying as always with this chill yet dancey song. If you don't know Chungha she was a member of the temporary 11 member kpop group IOI. After disbanding Chungha has became a solo artist and released a solo album full of amazing songs. Check out her live performances for Why Don't You Know and her performances with IOI.

|When Can I See You Again? by Owl City|
I love Owl City, his music is so beautiful and the lyrics really speak to me even if they are in a catchy pop song. This song is part of the soundtrack for the film Wreck It Ralph (that's how I discovered it). The song is very catchy and has great message about going out into the world and discovering yourself whilst staying close to people back home.

|Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!|
This song is so old yet its still one of my favourite songs ever!! Its so catchy and uplifting, it always makes me feel better when I'm having a bad day!

|Keep On Movin by Five|
This song is also old but it has a good message that makes you feel better on a bad day! There isn't much I can say about this song apart from that it's catchy and has meaningful and uplifting lyrics.

|Red Flavour by Red Velvet|
This song is catchy and has a great summery beat which instantly lifts your mood. The music video is also bright and colourful which is uplifting as well!!

|Cheer Up by TWICE|
I'm the biggest twice fan ever of course they would be in this list Cheer up is legit one of the catchiest songs ever and always makes me feel better about my self. Twice always are releasing songs that are catchy and amazing. (all of their songs could be on this list but I obviously can't do that.)

I can't think of anymore so this is just a short playlist!!

Make sure to keep an eye out for my k-playlist!!

- Meggs xx