Is it just me or . .

like at some point as we meet guys along the way. Especially when you just stay in a school for like a few years. Like me I've been a loyal student to my high school for 4 years already.

It sucks and it's boring to keep on seeing same faces same people every single day.

So you just see the opposite sex attractive. Even tho some people see's them as -not attractive-. But for you he is.

Or maybe he isn't or only a little bit. But even you. You don't know the reason why you're that attracted to that person. But you know that there's that something that keeps on pulling you towards that person and as time goes by, you don't notice. . . . You're slowly getting more attracted to that person and without knowing. . . You start to gave feelings.

Maybe you don't feel and see it at first. Because you're confused as heck :

- do I like him? or it's just a little fling? . . . Do I?

- no. . I think. . I don't have feelings. . or not?

And for no reason. And no RIGHT. Out of no where. .

You find yourself feeling jealous.

Even tho you don't have the right to be because.

= he's not yours
= you're not his
= you guys don't have a label
= And it's wrong

So you just lose your mood and have a bad day.

See? what feelings can do already? or is it just feelings?

or is it more than that?

Yes you guys have fun together.

And you're not sure of how you feel towards him. And you don't know why.

Are crushes really inspirations or distractions ?

- Just Me: V