I have a lot of names. I feel like everyone calls me what they want. They call me the way they see me. Some shout out my full name, some only a nickname tied up in memories like a ball of string.
Sometimes I ask myself what I'd name me if I could. Is there anything that definitive about a name that instantly makes you think of a person? I bet a face just popped in your head. Maybe every Mary or Jane means something else to you.
I'm sorry if it did a long time ago but no longer.
I chose the name p1nk_glitter_tears because a. I love pink b. In my own unique world I believe that each tear is precious and that it shines in the dark, maybe like that star you saw fall last night.
My point is, it doesn't matter what name I'll tell you because I feel like you'll name me yourself.
The only thing I could do is hope that that name will be remembered.