Every girl wants her boy to be around her all the time. She never wants the love to grow old or less. She never wants him to grow bored of her. She always wants him to want more of hers. Firstly girls need to understand boys don’t think like you do. Whatever you are thinking is probably good for you but for him, it could make a whole lot of difference. Everything doesn’t revolve around sex. If he wants you don't mean only in a sexual way but he surely likes you because the way you are. You can’t go around wearing short clothes to attack him towards you. Boys don’t care what you wear. Here are some tips to know how to keep your boy stick around you all the time.

• Boys like their girls to be more natural. You don’t have to wear full makeup to around him but don’t forget to surprise him with sexy looks when you’re for date or parties with him.

• Boys want you to be the real you around him especially.

• If you like him, tell him more often. Even tho you’re in a relationship with him. He needs to know how to feel about him. Boys like compliments.

• Tease him. By saying how much the others boys want you. Make him feel little jealous (don’t talk about your ex-boyfriend if you had one in the past because this may lead to a disaster. Boys don’t like their girls talking about their ex.) So that he wants you more because he doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

• Respect their friends. Boys might turn you down if you were rude to their friends or family. Friends are like real brothers to them.

• Show off a little. Shoulder drop, a little part of your leg and back. Look hot; tempt your boy while keeping it mysterious. Will drive him crazy. You want little temptation burning all the time.

• Don’t be afraid to tell him about your passion. Boys find it’s interesting and it’s a major turn-on.

• Never call a boy first. Let him call you. Even you’re dying to call him after your first date, don’t. This is also let you know how much he is into you.

• It’s a proverb; the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Serve him good food once in a while.

• Buy the best-scented perfume to make him drool over you. Use similar scent body product. Make yourself smooth, so he couldn’t resist touching you or kissing you. Make him hard to keep his hands off from you. Pay attention to yourself to make him feel proud when he is out with you.

• Listen to what is he saying. When boys talks, they pour their heart into it and they accept their partner to show some interest in it. It can be anything like talking about hobbies or watching the game with him or discussing his problems. Boys love girls how to listen with full attention and he is all yours.

• Flirt with him to show you’re still the same girl he meant at the start of the relationship. Stop acting all possessive and jealous around his ex.

• Don’t act like demanding queen.

• As much you love him making you laugh. Boys love that too. If you’re funny he might spend more time with. Try to act funny. It doesn’t matter to poke a fun yourself or him. Don’t be afraid; just give him reason to smile.

• Trying new things with him. Don’t mind messing it up because he'll sure he won’t mind being your first. Try kissing him on neck or earlobe. It will drive him crazy.


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