I'm the kind of girl who gets way into every movie she watches. Which has its downsides, like crying in the theatre a lot and not being able to watch horror flicks with my girlfriends on Halloween. So here's my guide to a fun Halloween without the anxiety.

♥︎ Hocus Pocus ♥︎

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♥︎ Halloweentown ♥︎

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♥︎ The Nightmare Before Christmas ♥︎

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♥︎ The Corpse Bride ♥︎

corpse bride, tim burton, and movie image corpse bride, quotes, and sad image

♥︎ Coraline ♥︎

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♥︎ Edward Scissorhands ♥︎

johnny depp, edward scissorhands, and winona ryder image johnny depp, tim burton, and edward scissorhands image

♥︎ Beetlejuice ♥︎

ghost, funny, and stupid image dark, beetlejuice, and black image

♥︎ The Addams Family ♥︎

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♥︎ The Rocky Horror Picture Show ♥︎

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♥︎ Hotel Transylvania ♥︎

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♥︎ Ghostbusters ♥︎

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♥︎ Paranorman ♥︎

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♥︎ Warm Bodies ♥︎

warm bodies, r, and movie image zombie, warm bodies, and love image

♥︎ Harry Potter ♥︎

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♥︎ Casper the Friendly Ghost ♥︎

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♥︎ It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ♥︎

aesthetic, autumn, and charlie brown image Halloween, charlie brown, and peanuts image

♥︎ Scooby Doo ♥︎

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♥︎ The Haunted Mansion ♥︎

haunted mansion and magic kingdom image aesthetic, alternative, and dark image

♥︎ Bewitched ♥︎

bewitched, black cat, and cat image witch, bewitched, and quotes image

♥︎ Spooky Buddies ♥︎

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♥︎ Twitches ♥︎

twitches image birthday, cereal, and Halloween image

♥︎ Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire ♥︎

candy, vampire, and sweet image vampire, lips, and grunge image

♥︎ Scary Movie ♥︎

scream, funny, and scary movie image death, safety, and scream image

♥︎ R.I.P.D. ♥︎

Image removed ryan reynolds, Hot, and sexy image

♥︎ Twilight ♥︎

twilight, love, and breaking dawn image twilight and edward cullen image