I've decided to do a post on those little things that happen daily or from time to time that make us really happy.

These are the things that make you feel really warm inside, fill you with some kind of gentleness, gratefulness... if you let them... if you put your attention on them not just let them pass you without being noticed.

Here is my list of those things:

+ first cup of coffee in the morning
+ the sense of freedom you get when you wake up & realize you don't have any obligations for that day
+ hearing a song you love after a really long time on the radio

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+ moments of complete honesty & liberty with others
+ shower with cool water during a hot day

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+ seeing people you love after a long time
+ long hugs you wish could last forever
+ sunny mornings, sunny days, warm nights

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+ sore muscles after a good exercise
+ crawling into your bed after a long & hard day
+ concerts at which you completely let loose... move how you wanna move... scream what you wanna scream
+ spending time with animals - whatever they do will elevate your mood (efficiency 100%)

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+ wearing your favorite piece of outfit for the first time in a long time because you needed to wait for its season

hope it raised your vibrations! It certainly did mine.

Try to concentrate on the list... try to imagine it... to feel it as if it is happening to you right now.

Hold onto it for a moment. Feel gratefulness and appreciation. The next time you have any of these moments in real life, you will be much more present. You will be aware of them more.

And that is the key to living the life to its fullest. Being aware and not letting life just pass you by.

Hope I inspired you to make your own list of those little things that make you feel special, happy, loved... xo