A cold beer in hand, Taehyung passes his door and sat on the stairs. He notes again that they are far from clean, but it was not as if anyone was going to yell at him to put his ass there. The night is not completely dark, he see the half-moon over his garden illuminating his vision, leaving him to see what he was going to do tomorrow.

First a blow blower. Autumn leaves covered entirely his garden and this for a while apparently. Then comes the corner of the house. he has to cut too high grass where snakes had to be. He did not fear them, but he did not like them either. In the afternoon if he had time, he would go to the supermarket to buy something to brighten his garden, his wife Kate loved roses before...

Taehyung took a good sip of beer thinking that it was the thorns she loved rather than the rose itself. The hell, he will buy tulips.

Returning from his thoughts he saw a shadow in his garden. It is not properly speaking in front of him, it was not a silhouette, it was on the ground, reflected in the high grass, like walking under the sun, and our shadow follows us. He looks up to see who is in his garden, fearing to be already found, his new life lasted for as long as the flowers. but there was no soul in there. He took a deep breath, the shadow has to be made by one of the objects in the corner, that's what he says while drinking a new time.

But he knew very well that if there was no one in the garden, there was no object either. He put it under the influence of alcohol.++

He wakes up in the middle of the night.
He does not know if he just opened his eyes now or if it's been a while he stares at the ceiling. He raises his upper body playing his elbows to look at his room. It was silent in the dark, the only thing he noticed was that the door of his room was open, but he was sure to have closed it.

Must be a Lock problem.

The clock indiqued it was four in the morning. The day was about to get up, and it was almost sure that he will not manage to fall asleep,it has already tried, it's always like that since that famous night.

Then he sits on his bed, in the dark, waiting for daylight to come finally shine.++

The sun was high in the sky that he had already taken a bath, took a croissant in mouth and was in his car. Now he was at the entrance of a supermarket that seemed empty expect for two cashier. he takes a basket in the corner and head for fruits and vegetables.++

It is when he pick apples carefully, that he feels observed.

"It is red" said a women voice.
He see over his shoulder a woman of forty years,floating curls on her shoulders. He frown a little lost, what did she say ?

"I beg your pardon ?" he ask.
She look at the apple in his hand.

"This apple is red. The otehrs are green in your bag."
It takes a few moments to understand the meaning of his words. he looks at the apple he hand realizing that lost in thought, he'd pick in the wrong box.

"Oh look at the apples so you have young man they are all so ugly !" she takes her bag from his hands. "Let me pick them for you."

It was Kate who buy apples in the past, was what Taehyung was thinking while the woman was looking for good apples.
"Do not bother please, it's okay for me." he said raising his hand.

She looked up at him slightly surprised.
"You are the one who moved to the house of the family Cheng right ?" she asked.

He just nods.
"So here to welcome you."

She hands him the bag, he take it a few second later.
He does not say thank you, neither goodbye.

He just leave.