• Spend the morning at the coffee shop with a book,at the window,ideally in the rain.☕📙
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  • To go on the weekends to the river with a tent; to go out at dawn in the fog, keep warm and warm up with fresh tea.
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  • Begin to gather the herbarium of the green leaves, then to see how they turn yellow.
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  • Spend more time with friends and arrange friendly gatherings for no particular reason.
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  • Dismantling summer photos. Print best, to hang on the wall
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  • Make a playlist of autumn. (Be my autumn playlist in the next article)
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  • Buy a new warm and cozy blanket
  • To wrap myself in a blanket and read a book. In any situation, even if in life there are problems, books - a wonderful way to disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in the interesting history
  • Try a few recipes for fall pies with apples and pears.
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  • Enjoy the starry sky, which is not always possible to be seen on rainy days

BY: Valeria B.


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