Hey everyone!

You want to be healthy? You want to feel good? You want to become the best version of yourself?

.. But you just can’t stay away from the candy? I’ve been there once, actually I have been like that the most of my life, sometimes i managed to stop, but I always ended up being sugar addicted again. But somehow i found a way, and now I can’t even remember when I last ate sweets.

So if you want to break your sugar addiction, keep reading for my best tips! Stay tuned, since I will update this list once in awhile!

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Realize when you crave sweets

When do you crave the sweets most? After school? right after dinner? At the night? When you realize exactly when your craving are coming, it will be easier to avoid it!

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Bored = Candy

I mostly tended to eat every time I got bored, just to have something to do. Especially when I was watching movies. Instead of eating when you’re bored, make a list of things you like to do, and every time you have a craving, you can pull your list up and find an activity. Search on the internet or WHI for inspiration.

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Drink Tea

This is weird. But I love tea, and it have helped me to stop eating as much candy. I just make my favorite on, put (maybe a little too much) sweeteners in it, and i feel like drinking candy.

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Write yourself a letter

Write your self a letter with reasons of why you shouldn’t eat sugar, and remember yourself what your goals are. Then you can always read it through, when you need some motivation.

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Out of sight, out of mind

Or something.. But it is easier not eating candy, when you don’t have it. If you have the opportunity, choose not to bring candy into your home, it just things alot easier.

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Find motivation

You need to stay motivated. I like to look through WHI, and find fitness and healthy quotes, this is also a good activity to do if you want to eat sugar, just to remind yourself of why you want to become healthier.

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Find substitutions

Sometimes is okay to treat yourself. An idea could be to try one of these delicious substitutions:

These are some of the things that really had helped me to become a more healthier version of myself. Things take time, and this is your journey, so find out what’s working best for you.
After some weeks without sugar, your lust to sweets will also disappear, so stay strong, and keep on going!

Much love

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