Some people might think that the life of a fan is all peaches and cream. Well let me introduce you to the struggle of a fan. It's so HARD being a fan. You get emotional for everything. Lets take me for example. I'm in love with Park Ji Min aka Chim Chim aka the fucking boy who destroys me every single day. I'm always imagining mini moments that I could have with him (in another universe) or that I'm his girlfriend, so on. But when reality hits me I'm left there... all alone and I get so fucking depressed that there's no pills or psychologist that can help me through this mess. One picture or gif can give you so many emotions at the same time. But obviously, they don't know that, of course they don't. They don't have the minimum idea of how much we suffer. More suffer those who know for a fact that they will never meet them because in their country not even a fly visits. And if someone miraculously visits they don't have money because they're poor as fuck #me. In conclusion, God should have mercy of my soul, I'm a being too sensible for this things and I don't think my soul can handle another pic/gif/video/comeback/new music/photoshoots/funny moments/interview/post of the places they're gonna visit for their tour. So all those fans that have been destroyed by their bias,who doesn't know about their existence, give yourself a round of applause because you have been strong enough for those months/years/days.